Versace, Louis Vuitton and Chanel go to the dogs as fake designer gear given to abandoned pooches

How spoiled is your dog? Are we talking Kim Kardashian levels of indulgence? Or C-lister trinkets?

Recent research found that doting dog owners will fork out more than £ 18,000 over their pet’s lifetime.

Based on a typical lifespan of 13 years for man’s best friend, that’s the equivalent of running a small family car, or paying for the annual household energy bills.

It turns out just 8% of owners begrudge their pet spend, with eight in 10 claiming their dog is treated like ‘another member of the family’.

Which begs the question: Would you give someone close to you something not totally legit?

We’re talking Adidos trainers here, a bottle of Johnnie Worker booze and gift set of Oil of Okay… or totally fake Louis Vitton, Versace and Chanel blankets.

Paige gets a taste of how the other half lie down with dog control officer Sarah Taylor (Image: Shawn Ryan)

Because stray dogs looked after at Castlefield Dog Rescue in Ilkeston are going to be kept warm this winter with designer gear that’s not all it seems.

They are all knockoffs, reports the Nottingham Post .

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