Model with 36-inch hips says Louis Vuitton fired her for being “too big”

Model Ulrikke Hoyer was fired from a Louis Vuitton show for being “too big” despite being smaller than when she was approved for the show at an initial fitting.

Danish model Ulrikke Høyer has attended many fashion shows including highly-anticipated ones like Paris Fashion Week.

She has even walked for big-name designers like Alexandre Vauthier, Stella McCartney and yes, even Louis Vuitton, so she was shocked when Louis Vuitton cancelled her from their Tokyo show that took place May 14 for being “too big.”

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In a long Facebook post Høyer explained she was an elite tennis player at the age of six and was immediately introduced to a world of high expectations and rigorous nutrition. However fashion models know a different kind of rigor when it comes to weight and food.

The clothes are made to a specific measurement, and instead of the pieces being tailored to the girl, the girl has to be tailored to the pieces. Høyer knew the strict measurements, and tried to get out of going to Tokyo when she realized her 36-inch hips would not fit.

“Knowing the sizes of the clothes, the rigidity of the casters, we decide to tell the caster that I’m under the weather (yes a little white lie) and can’t come to Paris for the fitting the 25th of April and therefor can’t do the show in Japan,” Høyer wrote. “Alexia Cheval from Ashley Brokaw Casting asks my French agent if this is the truth and what we can do. We decided to tell them the truth and LV insisted on flying me straight to Paris the next day. I went to the fitting (tried on a dress and a coat) and before I even got back into my own clothes they confirmed me to the show.”

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However, when she arrived in Japan everything was a different story. Høyer went to her fitting and was later told she looked puffy and bloated so she would need to attend another fitting the next day, and in the meantime she should only have water.

But before she could even make it to the fitting, her agents were notified she was being sent home, and hours later she was on a plane back to Copenhagen.

A quick measurement proved that Høyer was nearly a quarter of an inch smaller than she was when she was fitted and approved in Paris.

“This is not about me being canceled from a show, I’ve tried that before (all girls on my level have) you win some and you loose some that’s the game, but I cannot accept the ‘normality’ in the behavior of people like this,” Høyer wrote. “These sizes of the show pieces are made for women to have eating disorders…even the smallest tightest pants are loose on the models they book.

Høyer is using her experience and platform to show the unhealthy, rigid nature of a modeling career in hopes that people will see just how damaging it is.

“I have seen way too many girls who are so skinny that I don’t even understand how they even walk or talk. It’s so obvious that these girls are in desperate need of help.”

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